Stokley’s solo act is one for the ages!


Photo By Alexander Johnson

By Alexander Johnson

The night of Wed., April 5, 2023 is one for the annals in Pittsburgh live entertainment.

For those who caught Stokley Williams’ show at the August Wilson African American Cultural Center, should realize this was a show for the ages.

For this reporter, I proudly state that I’m no Spring Chicken. Therefore, I’ve had the opportunity to see some of the legends of RnB. I’m talking JB, Marvin, Teddy, Luther, Michael and Prince. But I happened to miss some of the greats who pre-date even me, I’m talking Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke and our very own Billy Eckstine.

At age 55, I can easily say I’ve never seen an entertainer work the stage as Stokley did on this special night in the ‘Burgh. You talkin’ bout a dancin machine – it’s unbelievable that this middle-aged man can physically perform the way he continues to do, at age FIFTY-FIVE? And, for nearly two hours – nonstop.

His physicality was easily comparable to an NFL running back. His jumping abilities and overall ease-of-motion, made one revert to the Godfather of Soul, perhaps in his late 20s and early 30s. By the time JB reached his 50s, he was just a shell of his young, energetic self.

On top of fantastic moves, Stokley can still SANNG. Early in his career he demonstrated his tremendous vocal dexterity as lead singer of Mint Condition. As a solo act – 20 years later – I really think the man is a more better vocal talent than he was as the up-front vocal leader.

If you don’t have his latest, sophomore CD project, Sankofa – you may wanna pick it up. Based on the snippets that he provided us during his recent show, oh yea – it’s definitely one for the collection.